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Classic Pompadour

The pompadour is a classic and versatile style, making it a very popular choice for men. The cut is characterized by hair that is styled up and off the forehead, and typically features short hair on the sides of the head with longer hair on top. Some gents opt for very short, buzzed sides, while others prefer a scissor cut for a more gentle look
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Curly hair

The best curly haircut for men is neat haircuts for men with curly hair that are shorter on the sides like fades and undercuts provide clean palettes on which curly tops can rest. If you are choosing hairstyles for short curly hair, understand that you’ll be working within parameters that can keep several inches of your luscious curls, and create shapes according to your facial structure. Tall texture, blowouts, mullets, perm hair men make short curly haircuts very attractive
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The quiff is a very versatile and sexy hairstyle that looks great on most if not all men. However, they work best for those with round face shapes. Unlike a pompadour, a quiff is created by first brushing all the hair forward before styling it into a wave shape. As a hairstyle, it is sure to turn heads. Finish the look with a bit of our extreme cream for added volume and shine
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Slick Back

Slicking your hair back is undoubtedly one of the coolest hairstyles around. This simple and sexy look can make anyone appear mature, sexy and business-like. There are a number of ways to style this hairdo, but if you’re after something more modern, why not try a fade? For those with longer locks, the slick back is a particularly great option for those more formal occasions. You can create the style by brushing all your hair back, using some our pomade to secure the shape
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Buzz Cut

If you’re ready to trade your long locks for a haircut that’s a little more low-maintenance, then the buzz cut is the perfect option for you. It’s a classic style that pairs particularly well with a beard. The haircut can be recognized by its short length all over, which is cut very close to the head, typically using electric clippers. Buzz cuts don’t require much styling but they do need regular trims.
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Textured Fade

The fade has been one of the most significant men’s hair trends in recent years, so why not give it a bit of a twist? Go for a smooth fade on the sides and use a OUR VOLUME SPRAY in your roots. Then, add a small amount of OUR matte cream and use your fingers to pull out a few textured spikes on top.
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